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How to get to "Namakemono" from JR Echizen Ono Station

■20 minutes on foot (1.9km) from JR Echizen Ono Station

■Machinaka Circulation Bus 
Get off at "Ono High School" or "Itoyo no Sato Kaikan" bus stop
【By JR Train】
■From JR Fukui Station to JR Echizen Ono Station: about 60 minutes (670 yen)

【By Keifuku Bus】
■From the west exit bus terminal 5 of Fukui Station: about 60 minutes (990 yen)

【By Echizen Railway】
■From Fukui Station to Katsuyama Station, then from Katsuyama Station to JR Echizen Ono Station (using Keifuku Bus)

【By Tuk Tuk (auto-rickshaw)】
From JR Echizen Ono Station: 500 yen
From Arashima-dake Trailhead
(Katsuhara/Nakade): 2000 yen
From Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum: 3000 yen
From Hakusan Shrine Heisenji Temple: 2000 yen

​※We can arrange pick-up/drop-off upon request.

Echizen ONO

Introducing Echizen Ono where Guesthouse Sloth is.



Historic townscap

The grid-shaped streets are characteristic, and the historic atmosphere remains in the temple town, samurai residences, and morning market.
It is called "Little Kyoto of Hokuriku."



Town of famous water

The water supply utilization rate in Ono City is only 20%. Most households directly draw groundwater for use. Ono's water is a symbol of Ono City's culture deeply rooted in daily life.


Castle in the sky

Castle in the sky, Echizen Ono Castle

Castle in the sky, a miracle that can be seen only a few times a year, at Echizen Ono Castle.
Its appearance, visible with the early morning sunrise, is very fantastic.



Japan's best Satoimo yam

Thanks to the abundant water, all of the agricultural products, such as rice and vegetables, as well as fermented foods such as sake and soy sauce, are delicious.In particular, Ono's Satoimo yam is said to be the best in Japan.



A landscape of life that you want to preserve forever

Ono has a typical way of life.
Although it is not a prominent tourist destination, please enjoy the atmosphere of this world, where the smell of daily life lingers.

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