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ABOUT “Origin of the Sloth”

Sloths do not have 24-hour days. 
They have only two times: "sunrise" and "sunset." 
That's enough. 
We don't need to divide a day into 24 parts and then into 60 parts.
Why do we feel like we're always running out of time?
Why do we feel like we're always "busy"?
From these questions, this cafe, "Namakemono(Japanese)=SLOTH," was born.
What does "Name came Ono" mean?
Let's try pronouncing it.

"Neimu Keimu Ono"

 it several times.


"Neimu Keimu Ono"

"Neimu Keimu Ono"

"Neimu Keimu Ono"

"Neimu Keimu Ono"

"Naemaa keemo noo"



Yes, that's it.

When foreigners pronounce "Namakemono" in Japanese, it probably sounds like this.
In Namakemono, you can enjoy "relaxing" and "leisurely" time.
There are no clocks or TVs in this house building.
Please enjoy the food, desserts, and drinks that the owner has carefully prepared for you.


To be sloth

To be slothful

In Japanese and English, the word "SLOTH" is often used in a derogatory way, meaning slow, stupid, lazy, idle, and so on.
Sloths are originally from the jungles of Central and South America, where they spend almost their entire lives in the same tree.

They eat only 4g of leaves per day and come down to the base of the tree to defecate once a week. 
Their excrement becomes nutrients for the tree, and sloths and trees have a symbiotic relationship. 
Many other animals have evolved to move faster and catch more prey, or to have more offspring.

However, sloths have evolved differently, reducing their m uscles to consume less and thus moving slowly.

In other words, they have survived in modern times with an evolution that is completely different from other animals, including humans. 

"Evolution" is about adapting to the environment and surviving,
not about driving out or causing the extinction of other plants and animals.

I don't intend to ask for a naive way of life such as "Let's live by valuing limited resources and protecting the environment!" 

Instead, we can enjoy a sense of happiness without living with a "Selfish way" mentality or a "Give me more, more" lifestyle.

This is similar to the Zen teaching of "knowing contentment." 

Therefore, whether it's slow, leisurely, or sluggish, there's no need to perceive it in a negative way.

If you live without worrying about the clock and live on your own time, you will truly feel at ease.

The important thing is not to worry about other people's opinions,
not to expect others' evaluations,
and to enjoy what you want to do in your own time.
Can't we say that this is a hap life?



Take off your watch!

And forget about time!


If you're tired, take a rest!

Take a nap without worrying about others.


Use minimal electricity at night!

Light brighter than the full moon is disrespectful to the moon!


Turn off the TV!

Listen to the sounds of nature!


Smell the scents!

The aroma of flowers, food, and the changing seasons.


Look at the light! The sunlight,

moonlight, and the world illuminated by them.


Touch and feel it! Rub it against your cheek!

It's better to feel it with your skin.


Taste it!

You can understand it by slowly and carefully chewing!


Run slowly! Rushing won't make much of a difference when you arrive.


Realize that a day is not 24 hours!

It doesn't matter how you measure time!


There are only two times of the day: "sunrise" and "sunset"!


Time is yours!

Prioritize what you want to do!


And if you have extra time,

You should be able to be kind to others.

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