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To become a Sloth


It's a traditional house cafe and guesthouse in "Echizen Ono"
The owner often acts like a sloth.
Everything is slow, just like a sloth.
What's served in the cafe is made slowly.
This "Echizen Ono" is blessed with the most delicious water in Japan, if not the world.
Therefore, the crops, people, town, and history that grow there are all slow.
We want everyone to experience this slow, everyday life that is taken for granted.




Take it easy


We are currently taking a break from operating the café for the time being.
The guesthouse is keeping us busy, and it's hard to provide our customers with the time, service, and products they deserve.
To those of you who have been inquiring about our café by phone, we apologize sincerely.
To those who might drop by without knowing, we're truly sorry.



Stay with the SLOTH HOSTEL


We offer Japanese-style rooms for two and three people, as well as a bedroom for up to four people and a mixed-gender dormitory with eight beds.
Please enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere unique to an old Japanese house.



The highlights and places to eat in Ono.

We will be uploading insider information on the highlights, gourmet food, cafes, entertainment, and lifestyle of "Echizen Ono".​Stay tuned for more!

Coming soon
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